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Double Date, Sweet American Rosé, New York

Double Date

This Finger Lakes Region sweet rosé is our proprietary blend of hybrid varietals local to the area and traditional grapes like Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Riesling. Its pink color reflects as cheerful as a warm summer day. A slightly nutty component on the nose and bright fruit flavors of watermelon and red berry in the mouth make it pure sweet summer in a glass!


  • 1 Sweet Rosé Bottle Bottles
Fissata, New York


Translucent, dark watermelon red in color, this release opens with floral, sweet-ish stone fruit over a raspberry-ish nose. A well-integrated palate of sweet fruity red berries and a nutty quality are repeated in the mouth. Gentle effervescence makes for an overall pleasing dessert wine experience.


  • 1 Sweet Red Bottle Bottles
Rewined Curated Red/White Pair

Curated Pair of Red and White

Savor unique red and white wine selections curated by Traveling Vineyard's Wine Director.


  • 1 Pair Pairs of Red and White
Rewined Curated Red Pair

Curated Pair of Reds

Savor two unique red wine selections curated by Traveling Vineyard's Wine Director.


  • 1 Pair Pairs of Reds
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